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Buy Dobert online at Equestrian Gierman!

Dobert is a German family company founded in the year 1880. Dobert produces equestrian items such as bridles, reins,  browbands, training reins and whips. The Dobert collection can be divided into three categories:

  • Dobert Classic
  • Dobert Stallmeister
  • Dobert Farmer

The Dobert Classic collection guarantees top quality European materials that are used in the products. Almost all the articles are handmade made in Germany. 

The Dobert Stallmeister collection is a more affordable collection that incorporates other materials. The products can not be compared to the Classic collection, but still one can speak about very good products with a pleasant price quality ratio.

The Dobert Farmer collection is the cheapest collection from the Dobert range. One speaks here about an import quality with an advantageous price. This quality can not be compared with the Dobert Classic or Stallmeister collection.

Personalize your own Dobert bridle

Dobert Classic has the possibility to personalize your own bridle. The Dobert bridles are available in various colors and sizes. You can change the color of the lining and do you want an anatomically lined headpiece or not. You can also change the type of browband you prefer. Think, for example, of different colors and sizes Swarovski Elements in a straight or a wave model.

For more information contact us, because the options are enormous.