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Bucas Recuptex Therapy Light

In stock

Bucas Recuptex Therapy Light

In stock


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The Bucas Recuptex Therapy Light is a rug suitable for the higher temperatures. The rug is made from mesh fabric with Recuptex on the back and is provided with single chest closure, double adjustable cross surcingles and tail loop.

Advise to use: Sart 2 hours before and 2 hours after riding, expand after need

The Bucas Recuptex Therapy rug helps to prevent numerous problems and also helps in the treatment of a vast array of ailments.

What does Recuptex do?

• stimulates blood circulation and promotes oxygen supply
• support recovery
• helps with waste disposal

How does this work?
By the cage construction that provides the fabric, magnetic fields are held
(Faraday cage) and blood circulation is stimulated.

What can I notice about my horse?
• relaxtion
• losser in his body
• recovery after hard work is faster
• more restful during travel
• better on the aids
• can start up with intensive loads moe quickly
• indicates faster

How do I wash the rug?
Maxium 40 degrees and we recommed Bucas Wash

Does the rug work if there is another rug underneath?
The rug works the best as close to the skin as possible. The more distance there
is, the less operation.

My horse sweats underneath, is that bad?
By the blood circulation stimulation it also gets warmer under the rug. If it is
hot outside or if arm rugs are laid over it, it can result in sweating of your
horse. This is not a big problem because the blood circulation stimulation can
not cool your horse or become stiff. We do advise to use Recuptex Light at high
outside temperatures.

Can the operation of the rug stop?
No, always works despite frequent washing or years of use. The rug has an
unlimited shelf life.

You advise 2 hours before and 2 hours after driving. I do not always succeed.
Recuptex stimulates blood circulation, we influence and promote natural
processes. Building up according to need and regular use for a longer period of
time has not caused any adverse effect. We do not recommed 24/7 and 365 days per
year use do occasionally do not use the rug is wise. We hear back from users
that months of using the Recuptex rug has no negative side effects.

Can I use the rug while my horse is under control at the vet?
We recommed to consult this with the attending physician.

My horse is carrying, can I use Recuptex?
We have not known and adverse experiences with us. If in doubt, consult with
your verternarian.

Can I use the rug as a under rug?
Yes that''s possible. The Recuptex rug has special fastening points ( 2 for the
neck, 2 at the back of the eyes of the leg straps) to be able to attach to most
Bucas rugs.

Can I also use the rug under a non Bucas rug?
Yes, we just do not know if the attachment points also work with other brand

I notice no difference after a while.
To the constancy relaxtion and flexibillity you can get used to. Do not use the
rug for a while and you will know what the rug has always done.

How much extra heat does the Recuptex rug give?
This is difficult to say because the heat generated by one horse is more than
the other. We keep al least 10 degrees of extra heat but we think it is wise if
you want to give extra heat to your horse that you buy a Bucas under rug. Here
too we hear in practice that the Recuptex rug is also used as a under rug
permanently during cold weather as under rug without negative side effects.

Does it work for people and other animals?
Yes, you have the same effect on all beings with organs and blood. Put the rug
on your own once in a while. Best is as close to the skin as possible. Many
people also feel something.

Can I use a temperature sensor under the Recuptex rug?
No, that unfortunately is not possible because the Recuptex fabric (Faraday
cage) keeps wireless signal.

My horse is still wet from sweating. Can I use the Recuptex rug?
That's no problem. The side side of the Recuptex rugs are made from Stay Dry
lining or mesh fabric. Stay Dry lining transports sweat to the outside and the
mesh fabric is breathable. Under the Recuptex evaportaion or drying takes slower
but this is not bad because the blood circulation stimulation this gives extra
heat and because of this your horse can not cool down even thought it is still

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