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Safety is paramount!

Equestrian Gierman offers you a wide range of safety items that meet the latest guidelines. We have a wide range of horse riding helmets and bodyprotectors for adult and child.

The riding helmet is a very important part of the equestrian sport. The riding helmet protects the head during a fall to prevent injury. It is important that a riding helmet always fits snugly on the head and the chin strap can never come out from under the chin. The circumference is measured by placing an inch around the head just above the ears. This designation determines the size of the helmet. If a riding helmet is dropped on the head, there is unfortunately no possibility to test whether the riding helmet still meet safety standards. The riding helmet is immediately debited after a fall and we advise you to purchase a new helmet at all times.

In contrast to the riding helmet, the bodyprotector is not yet an obligation in equestrian sports. However, it is an article that one sees more and more every day. The bodyprotector ensures that the ribs, chest, back and tailbone are protected during a fall. Also in this case you will benefit more from a well-fitting protector, so that you are not bothered by the length of the protector. If the protector is too long, you have the chance that the bodyprotector pushes you up while driving.