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Spurs & Whips (102 articles)

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Looking for new spurs or a new whip?

Spurs are available in various lengths and models of brands such as Hermen Sprenger, QHP and BR. Spurs are intended as an additional aid during horse riding if the horse stagnates. In this way we "pierce" in the belly of the horse to get a forward movement. Maybe an unpleasant feeling, but this way your horse learns to obey. Spurs are used at all times in combination with spur straps to be attached to the jodhpurs.

The whip is used for the same purposes as spores. If the horse stagnates, a forward movement can be created by using a whip. There are different lengths of whips available so that you can easily reach the butt or neck of the horse. We have a wide range of whips from brands such as, for example Dobert, Fleck and BR.