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Saddle Fitting

Our saddle fitting is represented by Mr. W. Gierman. After nearly 40 years to sit in the equestrian sports and previously having worked by Daaleman Saddles Netherlands here is more than enough experience gained.

How does it work?

If you have problems with the saddle you can contact us to make an appointment.
We come then to visit you to see what the problems are and then consider the possibility that by correcting of the filling the saddle comes to the right place. This takes various issues such as the age and condition of the horse, pressure distribution of the saddle, lateral force, width of the room channel and for example the position of the girth straps.

If the saddle needs to be corrected we will bring this to our saddlery.
We do our best to have your repair done within 48 hours (excl weekends).


Within a radius of 20 km we charge a flat rate to call out charge of € 25, -
Within a radius of 20 to 50 km we charge a flat rate to call out charge of € 40, -
If the distance is further than the above mileage does this in consultation with us.
The call-out may of course be divided among themselves, when you have made an appointment with several people on one stable.

Rates repairs

All repairs outside the examples below go in consultation with us and will always need to be assessed before we can name an amount. We can also make youre bridle, headcollar, horse rugs and more.

Rates saddle repairs

  • Correcting the filling provided no other work to be useful. 
    In this case, the saddle is detached on the front: from € 59.50
  • Completely re-fill.
    In this case, the entire pillow is taken back under saddle: from € 200, -
  • Girth straps replace long: from € 25, - per piece
  • Girth straps replace long at the gullet: from € 30, - per piece
  • Girth straps replaced shortly: from € 20, - per piece
  • All other saddle repairs go into consultation with us

Our saddles are filled with 100% wool. This makes for a very good shock absorption so that the back of the horse is not overloaded.
Incidentally, the filling of the saddle will always go collapse again after use. This also makes it important to fill-up the saddle whens it used intensively once a year and a half.

Girth straps

We use only good quality leather for replacing the girth straps. Import quality is not possible with us. The girth straps are hand-sewn back there again, so this is many times stronger than mechanically.